Saturday, 1 March 2008


Well last weekend hardly did a thing as I had a pinched nerve in my back.
This weekend I did a bit more on the green leaves, my friend Caren came around and I finally posted the last 3 Postcards I was sending out as bonus draws in the OWOH giveaway.

Firstly, the green leaves now have some colour on all the paper but a way to go yet. The leaves are too yellow and I'm toning them down a little, Thebackground will have more depth with some darker, some blending and some of the blending will be with a light colour.

Caren and I were going to go on a bush-walk but it was too wet. We went to the Scrapbook Warehouse and managed to not spend too much even though we took half an hour to give the whole store the once-over. I put my name down for a nature book class which looks intriguing.

We then went to the Art Space Depot in Devonport then around the shops, still not spending too much. Home for lunch, then three hours of art. By then the rain had stopped and we went for an hour's walk. Lovely fresh air, a wind but not cold.

I've joined a new group on yahoo and making some ATC's for a swap. I had to make one for myself LOL and gave Caren 2 and here are some of them. Zentangles ( I used to call it doodling!) the swap is with face zentangles.

This one I called The Weaver

This, Moon Maid (Caren has the Moon Maiden)

'On the Road'
His World.
Caren has 'on the Road' - this photo has uploaded a bit squashed.

It was hard to think of names.
On the whole I am pleased because these are the first ATC's I've done other than one set of cloth ones.


Anonymous said...

How amazing Elaine. They are great and much too good to be merely doodles. I used to do doodles in the margins of my exercise books at school!

Today I finally found out all about ATC's I visited and am finally up to speed with what they are what size they should be their history etc etc.

Was great and am already thinking of starting a project.
However, must away to clear up a mess I'm making trying to sort out my various STUFF.


arlene said...

Wow! Amazing work.

nzflutterby said...

Thank you Ellie and Arlene.

Great site Ellie! I've seen at before but i tis always interesting to have another look and a reminder of what can be done.