Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Lost cat

Our cat possum was last seen on Sunday evening and no sign of her since. The house seems very empty without her.

Alan has spent today making flyers and going around all the neighbours but there is no sign of her. She has never wandered away before and we've had her about 10 years.

We live up a long driveway and she never goes down to the road . She wasn't sick or old and decrepit. Here one day and gone the next.
My Car failed the warrant yesterday so I had to book it in the garage which is twice as much of a hassle with having to visit Mum every day after work.
So a very low start to the week after a full-on weekend.

A brighter note to look forward to on Thursday with a surprise for a close friend planned.
It was a busy weekend - on Saturday the craft class and on Sunday our grandson's birthday.

This is the fornt cover of the book - about 6x6". we bent over a thin sheet of copper for the edge.
The background is a lotus leave with some acrylic and a sprinkle of walnut ink powder . I haven't decided yet on the placement of the
small copper pieces. The sqaure and the copper cover edge have been altered with liver of sulphate . I heated the small piece in a candle flame and like the orange and purple of that better though.

the book has plastic pouches (scrapbook type)and we sewed brown paper arounD the edges so the plastic seems more in keeping with the nature journal.
i'll show more as I go.

It's fun collecting the bits and pieces.

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GreenishLady said...

So, so sorry about your cat. Hopefully he'll turn up soon.