Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ent Wife Waiting

Gosh. Is it that long since i updated? I have been busy with work :( , visiting Mum on the way home after work , plus she had a week in hospital. Nothing serious, she's 93 and still living by herself and hadn't been eating enough although there was food there. We now have two caregivers, one for an hour in the morning, another in the afternoon, and the meals on wheels still comes at lunchtime.

Recently I went to the Science Fiction fantasy convention in Auckland. - Conscription.

There was a 3-day writing course with Julie Czernada from Canada - absolutely terrific. Then the three days of the Con. I stayed at the hotel there for the last three nights and it was worth it.

In conjunction with the Con were some competitions. I entered the writing one and the 30D model one. I spent a month of weekends doing my model - not the whole weekend but a lot of time. Neither my story nor the model were placed but I loved doing it.

Close-up of base showing papier mache on top of the wire support

Half done before the addition of leaves, paint, surrounds.

Finished - note Pukeko, fantail, lichen for hair, paper leaves on actual twigs.

Rabbit behind Ent wife

Side view - 'toadstools' are the cores of kauri cones.