Sunday, 23 March 2008

blog flitting

Wandering through others' blogs, flitting via etherical links, found this. How appropriate!

You Are Impressionism

You think the world is quite beautiful, especially if you look at it in new and interesting ways.

You tend to focus on color and movement in art.

For you, seeing the big picture is much more important than recording every little detail.

You can find inspiration anywhere... especially from nature.

I also added some blog links. But now I have to go and do some shopping for Mum, then do some ATC's for a swap that has to go out tomorrow.


Saturday, 15 March 2008

Sunday March 16th 2008

Talked with Paul from UK on the phone today. He has re-kindled my interest in writing haiku. This come sand goes anyway as art and short stories tend to interfere with time and the creative space in the brain. This space seems to have a setting so one form of expression at a time dominates, especially when the conscious mind concetrates on working in the form of expression.

He said there is a new forum through World Haiky Club (Yahoo club) for beginners and said I could join for a refresher. He suggested I write a haibun so this is for Possum.

Bush Walk.

This autumn it is dry. The toadstools and fungus are absent in the undergrowth.
I am glancing in every part I can. Slow going. Our cat is unlikely to have wandered this far, but it is almost a week since she vanished.
I identify the evening bird song – blackbird, tui, little grey warbler.

The leaves of different trees make their own patterns on the sky. Different patches of leaves on the ground.

dry leaves
with orange pine needles
a tabby coat

Distant music. The cricketer’s cars departing from the club pitch that the track skirts around. The scrunch of the gravel under my sneakers. I walk here alone.

I see only trees, leaves.

a feather
from an unknown bird on the path – puss-cat
can you still catch birds?

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Lost cat

Our cat possum was last seen on Sunday evening and no sign of her since. The house seems very empty without her.

Alan has spent today making flyers and going around all the neighbours but there is no sign of her. She has never wandered away before and we've had her about 10 years.

We live up a long driveway and she never goes down to the road . She wasn't sick or old and decrepit. Here one day and gone the next.
My Car failed the warrant yesterday so I had to book it in the garage which is twice as much of a hassle with having to visit Mum every day after work.
So a very low start to the week after a full-on weekend.

A brighter note to look forward to on Thursday with a surprise for a close friend planned.
It was a busy weekend - on Saturday the craft class and on Sunday our grandson's birthday.

This is the fornt cover of the book - about 6x6". we bent over a thin sheet of copper for the edge.
The background is a lotus leave with some acrylic and a sprinkle of walnut ink powder . I haven't decided yet on the placement of the
small copper pieces. The sqaure and the copper cover edge have been altered with liver of sulphate . I heated the small piece in a candle flame and like the orange and purple of that better though.

the book has plastic pouches (scrapbook type)and we sewed brown paper arounD the edges so the plastic seems more in keeping with the nature journal.
i'll show more as I go.

It's fun collecting the bits and pieces.

Saturday, 1 March 2008


Well last weekend hardly did a thing as I had a pinched nerve in my back.
This weekend I did a bit more on the green leaves, my friend Caren came around and I finally posted the last 3 Postcards I was sending out as bonus draws in the OWOH giveaway.

Firstly, the green leaves now have some colour on all the paper but a way to go yet. The leaves are too yellow and I'm toning them down a little, Thebackground will have more depth with some darker, some blending and some of the blending will be with a light colour.

Caren and I were going to go on a bush-walk but it was too wet. We went to the Scrapbook Warehouse and managed to not spend too much even though we took half an hour to give the whole store the once-over. I put my name down for a nature book class which looks intriguing.

We then went to the Art Space Depot in Devonport then around the shops, still not spending too much. Home for lunch, then three hours of art. By then the rain had stopped and we went for an hour's walk. Lovely fresh air, a wind but not cold.

I've joined a new group on yahoo and making some ATC's for a swap. I had to make one for myself LOL and gave Caren 2 and here are some of them. Zentangles ( I used to call it doodling!) the swap is with face zentangles.

This one I called The Weaver

This, Moon Maid (Caren has the Moon Maiden)

'On the Road'
His World.
Caren has 'on the Road' - this photo has uploaded a bit squashed.

It was hard to think of names.
On the whole I am pleased because these are the first ATC's I've done other than one set of cloth ones.