Saturday, 15 March 2008

Sunday March 16th 2008

Talked with Paul from UK on the phone today. He has re-kindled my interest in writing haiku. This come sand goes anyway as art and short stories tend to interfere with time and the creative space in the brain. This space seems to have a setting so one form of expression at a time dominates, especially when the conscious mind concetrates on working in the form of expression.

He said there is a new forum through World Haiky Club (Yahoo club) for beginners and said I could join for a refresher. He suggested I write a haibun so this is for Possum.

Bush Walk.

This autumn it is dry. The toadstools and fungus are absent in the undergrowth.
I am glancing in every part I can. Slow going. Our cat is unlikely to have wandered this far, but it is almost a week since she vanished.
I identify the evening bird song – blackbird, tui, little grey warbler.

The leaves of different trees make their own patterns on the sky. Different patches of leaves on the ground.

dry leaves
with orange pine needles
a tabby coat

Distant music. The cricketer’s cars departing from the club pitch that the track skirts around. The scrunch of the gravel under my sneakers. I walk here alone.

I see only trees, leaves.

a feather
from an unknown bird on the path – puss-cat
can you still catch birds?


arlene said...

oh. I'm so sorry. I'll say a little prayer for your beautiful kitty. Our Zoot is a full fledged member of the family, and I know how much we count on his just being there.
Hoping he soon turns up.

nzflutterby said...

Thanks Arlene. We're still hopeful she may turn up but realistically it is less and less likely. i enjoyed reading your blod (detour from Caren to Ruth to you!)

GreenishLady said...

That is such a sad and lovely tribute. I'm hoping with you that she'll return too.

Ruth said...

Caren told me that sweet Possum disappeared. I'm so sorry to hear it, I remember giving her a pat and a scratch when I visited and she was so lovely! Your poem is sad and very beautiful...