Friday, 22 February 2008

continuing Green leaves

Doing a little bit at a time.

Once most of the colour is on I will burnish then add colour where needed and crisp up edges at the end.


Pat said...

It's already beautiful! It's wonderful to see how a painting develops. Thanks for showing us the process.

MB Shaw said...

Hi Elaine,
Thanks so much for posting a link to Art Pub, but how embarrassing that our moderator closed down the group before my contest ended, yikes! Anyhoo, I want to recognize everyone who took the time to comment and add a link. So, if you send me your snail mail address (privately of course) I will send you a little gift. And naturally I would be so thrilled if you wanted to change the link to that of my personal blog which will *not* be deleted anytime soon, tee, hee.
I am currently caring for my father (who just had surgery) but will be back home next week and will mail your treat!
Thanks so much.
Mary Beth Shaw