Friday, 18 May 2007

kendalls bay

Saturday's I usually do Mum's shopping. This morning was such a lovely morning I picked up her shopping list and decided to go for a walk before I did her shopping.
I went to a bush reserve on the hills above the harbour, bush where we used to roam as kids.

The roads around there now have houses both sides and the bush has marked tracks. The bush was still the same in essence, the umbrella ferns, the tea tree, punga, pines, the steep slopes. I can remember Bruce and Frank on one foray discussing the merits (demerits) of possum stew. They'd just been on a camp with their scout group. The bad points of the stew seemed to match the marshy ground used to have to plough through if it had been wet. Now there is a bridge of sorts. A plank is better than nothing.

Photos of Kendalls Bay and the bush and the track.

Colleen and Bruce were trimming a tree at Mum's when i arrived with the shopping and they were pulling out some older plants in the garden and just of fto but more plants.

Mum does love seeing lots of colour in the garden.

When I finally got home late morning, Sandra and Xavier had arrived. Alan had gone out so they were playing on the lawn but about to leave. They stayed for lunch.

I arrived late at the meeting for the writers group I belong to - The Wilderness Writers' Group, named after the translation of the Maori name of the street where the originator of the group lives.

Had a good chat and discussed the writings others had submitted but I left early as I've done no swot today. Assignment due in just over a week and exam in just over three weeks.


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dunesza said...

Stunning photos, very nice 'cliff' colours - could be a quite dramatic painting that one!