Wednesday, 22 August 2007

catch up

Aaah. It's been a while since I logged an update.

Starting with the future. Never very organised.

I am booking in to 2 pastel classes at the mairangi arts centre one in Septamber and one in November - Didn't that back-pay I haven't told Alan about come in handy?

The classes are two days each and with Larry Blovits and Tony Allain. The first Landscapes and the second colour and light.

And what I have been doing?

I did a portrait of Darren (son-inLaw)- my first in CP and my first drawing on drafting film. I did this for our Sandra's birthday 3rd August. It is 8x11inches.

I have been doing some bush walks for two hours on the past 3 Saturdays - this is part of the local colleges community education programme and is called Bush Walk nad Talk. It is terrific. I am finally learning the names of the trees and I have learnt how to tell the differences between manuka and Kanuka. I knew the Kanuka were bigger but the also have softer leaves. Manuka - well they're prickly. They also flower at any time during the year and Kanuka only in summer. Manuka have woody seed pods, much bigger than kanuka.

Well. Another lady and I like taking photos of fungi. She and I are generally at the tail end of the group of 7 and crouching in the undergrowth. Here is a photo of two lots of fungi - Earth star and parasol. Also a small hodded orchid - this is 6 inches high so the flower head is barely an inch.

Little Xavier - our grandson, had a sore ear. When I called around he was all grizzly and hanging on to Sandra. I aske dhim wha twas the matter and he came over, holding his ear.

"Gamma. I've got a big ear!" After telling me all about it he was happy enough and we played together.

All for now.

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