Sunday, 13 May 2007

just today

best news is my head cold has mostly leaked away. Work today wasn't as bad as it could have been had i still had my cold.

We're doing the 10,000 steps programme in teams at work. Except for the last three days I've been averaging about 11,000 a day. I still did 68,000 for the week.

I'm also making sure I have an apple a day. Luckily it's the season for royal gala - my favourite. I eat it when I go for a walk at afternoon tea time. I do 20 mionutes before work, 15 at morning tea and 25 at lunchtime. A good thing about going fo ra wal at lunchtime is I've got to have a lunch I can carry and not make a pig of myself with the cafe lunches. They always put too much on my plate and I don't need that much.

Surprising how many extra steps I can do if I walk to the other end of the building and back a few times to get stationery, get a coffee, take up some paperwork to someone instead of using the internal mail. I use the excuse that it is urgent.

I've noticed an improvement in my skin, weight (slight), less cellulose - or am I kidding myself? I'll let you know how it goes.

I'm not going to taichi tonight. I don't want to push myself before this cold has fully gone from my throat and head.

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dunesza said...

Hope your head cold goes away soon. ((Hugs))

I'm hoping sometime soon we'll sign-up for Tai Chi (spelled wrong most likely).