Friday, 11 May 2007

on my easel, off my easel

I have an office at work and the walls were rather bare so I took a couple of my paintings and hung them up. My manager said did I have another one but a little bigger for the end office. I said I had one but didn't know whether it would be OK. I offered to paint one but she said whe wanted it in this years budget ending June. I took in this one of Waitonga Falls on Mt Ruapehu and she paid me for it. There is now a large bare spot on our lunge room wall. I'm not complaining :)
This is a commission I'm working on. I've just recently starting working in coloured pencils and someone saw the picture i had done of my cat and wanted two of theirs done. The other one I haven't started yet. I'll update as I go but it tales a while in CP.

I like to go for a walk, get out of the building, during my breaks. Thoughts this morning :-.....
sun light bright in cloud patches on the harbour North Head and Rangitoto sihouetted
council workers mowing long grass on the berm - spiced with the smell of onion weed
leaves raked in a pile - not for scuffling through while the council worker's still there
Leaves flittering down in filtered sun scuttling along the ground my shoes
hibiscus fragile beauty fallen on the asphalt - how the pink and paricot are offset better by grey than their green leaves

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dunesza said...

Wow - that's excellent news! I'm so chuffed for you:) Woo-hoo! You'll just have to paint a nice big one to replace the one in your living-room:)