Saturday, 26 February 2011

trying something new

I was mixing paint the other day and squeezed some Payne's grey out. It was gummed up around the nozzle and came out in a blobby line. I thought 'draw!' and I did.

I had a 4x4" wrapped canvas square I had alredy painted.

I went to a friend's 80th yesterday and she was thrilled to get it as a gift. Ria and I met through doing a writing course at Massey about 10 years ago. with two others we met regulary as a critique group and have remained friends. All of us also do art. The other two also made the long drive down to Sunset Station at Port Waikato - 1.5 hours motorway driving for me and another half hour for them as they live in Puhoi nother of here.

My sister and hubby came up from Whakatane yesterday to visit Mum and we went around to our daughter's for tea so a very social day. I feel a bit more recovered from the disaster news that has been overwhelming.

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