Friday, 25 February 2011

Christchurch earthquake

So many stories coming from the earthquake.

At work we received the news from our sales staff as they evacuated the building just after 1 pm.
All the conversations this week have started with the earthquake - do you know anyone? Are they safe? A reaching outo for human contact.
our NZ flags throughout the coutnry at halfmast. My eyes fill with tears every time I have cross the harbour bridge and seen them there.

My husband's brother lives there and Alan was able to contact them within minutes afterwards because i emailed immediately. Our sister-in-law had gone into the city sentre and just got out of her car when it struck. The car in front of her was crushed. Hers only had a bumber dislodged.

Several cousins are safe. Friends, and wrok colleagues - all people we know are safe.

Currently over 100 dead and over 200 still missing and hope fading.

The whole of the central business area looks like it will need to be demolished.

So many lives dirupted.

House prices in Timaru goin gup as people exit Christchurch.

The after shocks still continue.

And they were barely recovering from the September quake that was bigger, but less devestating . This one was shallower and more more destructive.

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Patti said...

So glad you and your loved ones are safe.