Friday, 27 June 2008

Saturday musings

I feel free. I have just written a letter to withdraw from my paper this year without academic penalty . If I do it before 4 July no worries.

My brain was just not coping with having to sit down after a day at work and read and thing. I really sympathise with Dave. Did his last assigment go OK?

Now I do not feel guilty doing art. Or reading.

When I knew I had to study and couldn't make my brain work, I stuffed around and did not do much. When I did do a bit of art I felt guilty so consequently I didn't apply myself to much. Most things were time fillers, time wasters.

On the internet I've been looking at calligraphy. Some great art out there and I'll add some links.

Anyway - going to tidy my room so I have some space to make a mess. LOL . Hey may even get enough space to ROFL. Me? with a tidy room?

Never. :)

Poor DH has a bad cold. For the first time he has lost his voice. I bought some soup and crumpets to entice him to eat. He's just got up and having a shower. Just in time for lunch.

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