Saturday, 10 May 2008

Leaves again

Mother's Day. Appropiately here is a picture of my mum's bromeliad. We went around to her place yesterday afternoon and Faye and Brian (sister and BIL) were able to be there too. They live 5 hours drive away so we don't get together often enough.

I have started another leaves drawing in CP. Taking lots of photos now as the leaves are really changing colours. All trees seem to be on different timetables though LOL.

On the subject of art, I have added a link to maggie Stiefvater's blog. She has lots of advice and writes in a very chatty way with a great sense of humour - tickles my sense of humour anyway! She also picks an artist of the month to discuss. Well worth a visit. Oh, she is ALSO a writer - published.

And talking of publishing, I have three haiku in 'the taste of nashi', a book of NZ Haiku just out organised by the Windrift haiku group of Wellington.

behind the sheep truck
the smell
of grass and hills

a marshmellow sun
in the mist
my horse snorts

summer picninc -
a moth flies out
of my husband's wallet

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