Saturday, 14 May 2011


I used plastic food wrap for texture. You lay this on the paint, scrunch up a little and leave to dry. The wrap peels off easily but as I wasn't using liquid acryllic, but acryllic straight from the tube, it left the suface shiny. I liked the shapes but couldn't think what to do and how to journal on it so .....

Painted more transparent yellow on the LHS.
Put blue on the right - don't ask me why. I didn't like it so added some yellow to make green. Still yukky - so ....

LHS. A copy of a horse I did in another journal and paper behind.

RHS. After dulling the background with gesso coloured with transparent yellow, I drew a horse. It needed more so I put some green dots on with bubble wrap. Still not happy. Put dark green around the horse. It was only when I put red colour pencil over the green that it started to gel.
I found that having little scrap of coloured paper I could see what colours might work. I may still play with this a bit more.

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