Saturday, 19 March 2011


Linda Blin's workshop on-line is concentrating on background colour for pages and getting started on a page. She says if the page has colour on it it is more inviting to hournal in. Also, she says you don't have to finish a page before moving on. We some people do. However, the problem is I now have 8 more pages in colour and only started to finish 3 of them.

The link for the workshops is .

Although the workshop 1 was February, March for Workshop 2 and May for 3, they will be available on-line until August 2011.

So one Idea Linda had was to spray water on a page, drop paint on then squish araound with a credit card. Where the paind drops often stains the paper more and the water softens the scolour so a very random effect - serendipity strikes again.

Page below shows this and of course I embellished a little. Still adding to that page and not even counted in the 8 total under action above.

Then my credit card had a pile of paint so I wiped it on the next page and had a brilliant orange I didn't know what to do with.

Being Sunday I went for a bush walk late afternoon. I found two rosella feathers and when I next looked at the page, there was a saprk. Don't you love that spark of creativity when you have two separate things that are going nowhere by themselves and suddenly they morph into something whole?

Well, I can hear those who know rosellas saying loudly that it looks more like a budgie. But I got the colour and he's a happy fellow. Water soluble crayons on acryllic backgound.

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Patti said...

I love this bird! I'm enjoying the workshops, too...just need to make more time for art journaling.