Friday, 14 May 2010

Writing Group

I have been a member of a writing group for 9 years or so. Members have come and gone and recently we have looked for, and found, more writers as we were down to three and that's not as good for creating energy.

A writing group, meetin gin person rather than on-line, is great for discussion. On-line you have the feedback but it is harder for a discussion. We email our submissions once a month and meet up the following weekend to discuss and give our critues of each others work.

Amazing how often writers seem to ahve an interest, or have had an interest or done some other form of creative enterprise such as art or music.

I used to follow two artists' blogs on line - Maggies Stiefvater and Wendy Prior - because they both worked in couloured pencil and wrote very entertaining blogs. Now both of them are concentrating on writing and Maggie has published two books with a third coming.

Me - I'm still dithering between art and writing LOL.

I brought a painting on-line last week and it has arrived! Even better IRL - Edgar's Horse by John McNelley. His paintings often tell a story and have amazing colour . His website -
Sorry. Not sure how to do a hyper link.

The painting I have bought is currently on the third page - A vibrant landscape with Edgar's horse on the top of the hill/rock to the right.

Edgas Degas paiting a picture of a horse galloping away and the jockey on the graound. Someone made a chance remark, 'What happened to Edgar's horse?'. And the idea for the painting presented itself to John.

Question; writers also interested in other creative enterprises? If there is a group of artists, how often do they also write? Maggie and Wendy do. Is that a common thing?

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