Saturday, 7 March 2009

ATC Demo part 2

Trees can be done with black or other coloured inks, drawn in or done with more blue ink. If doing a wash with black which is a waterproof one, you can do a wash in light blue over the top.
#1 Distant hill with Blue ink wash
Yellow ink wash with red added to trees while wet and sepia ink added to fields
#2 Top right -Black ink wash on trees and wiggly lines on hill for clumps of growth. Thin yellow wash over trees, lower sky and hill.
#3 Yellow wash on trees with touch of red.
Distant hill with blue wash.
With the purplish mixture of red, blue, sepia did ploughed fields on damp paper. As the inks have different spreading ability, test on test bit of paper.
#4 Bottom Right Thin wash of raw sienna acrylic paint over trees, lower sky and foreground. After it dried, blue drawn on wetted paper for trees and foreground.
Let dry.

2 closer pics of #1

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