Saturday, 21 February 2009

more ATC's

I've done more of the ATC's as part of the 25 swap through miniature art on Wet Canvas.
16 done.

I first cut out them out of heavy - 300 lb - watercolour paper that is smooth. Working so small the texture can interfere with drawing. Sometimes by accident I do it on the not-so-smooth side.

Then I usually sketch in pencil and either go over it in ink or paint direct. If I draw it in ink I then rub out the pencil lines before adding colour.

Before posting out I use a spray-on varnish as and watersoluble mediums are easily damaged or smudged.

Part of the fun is thinking up captions.

Pansy loved dressing up in his favourite flower colours.

This Chinese horese loves green tea

Nameless Horses out looking for names

Grey Horses Dream in Colour.

I was surfing the net earlier. I go to a blog I have liked, or stumble upon one, then I click on their favourite blogs and sometimes every one appeals, others it is a long and winding path, like waiting fo rthe big wave, puddling around.

This morning I came across an interesting one and added it to my favs. Cra*tiva's Blog.

Others I save to my fovourites. So many artists out there. - visual artists and word artists.

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